On behalf of our Pastor, Oliver R. Carter, First Lady, Pamelia D. Carter, and the entire No Limits Outreach Ministries family, we welcome you! As you begin your journey at No Limits, we are so excited about what God will do with and through you. New beginnings are often exciting and intimidating at the same time. We at No Limits, want to help you as you navigate through your experience with God and the church. In fact, that’s the beauty of having a church home. Just like your family, we are committed to walking you through the rough moments, celebrating with you in the joyous moments, and standing with you for all the moments in between. Again, welcome to “No Limits.”

No Limits is a Ministry that is serious about salvation. Your spiritual growth is most important to us, our Sunday Worship Service is at 11:00am. Communion Worship Services are held on the 1st Sunday of each month at 11:00am. Bible Study is every Tuesday at the South East White House at 7:00pm.

If we could offer two words to new partners, they would be, “get involved.” Getting involved in Worship, Bible Study or one of the ministries we offer, can help solidify the decision you’ve made to follow Christ. The reality is that for every one thing pulling you “toward God,” there are numerous challenges attempting to pull you “away from God.” Being involved, developing relationships, learning God’s Word and will for your life are critical, as you commit not only to starting this journey, but staying on the journey. Welcome!

New Partners FAQ’s

Even though some of us have been here a while, we wanted to answer questions we had when we joined, and questions we often hear from our new partners. First, here are some facts:

• Sunday Worship Services – 11:00am.
• Communion Worship Services – 1st Sunday of each month at 11:00am
• Bible Study - Led by our Pastor, Tuesdays at 7:00pm

• The Church’s main phone number is 202-827-2131.

• Our ministry address is 2533 Pennsylvania Ave Southeast, Washington DC, 20020

Here are some questions we often hear asked:

How do I find out more about the Church’s Ministry Programs?
No Limits is currently in a building stage. At the moment, our ministries would include: Music Ministry, Outreach Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Usher Ministry, Intercessory Prayer Ministry, Youth Ministry, Men’s Ministry and Hospitality Ministry.

Are there specific requirements for participating in a Ministry?
Our goal is to “get you involved” our Ministry programs are designed for inclusion, not exclusion.

Is it possible to speak with the Pastor?
Whether you joined Ten years ago, or yesterday, Pastor Oliver Carter is “your” Pastor. Praise the Lord. Meeting with new partners takes priority on our Pastors agenda! Should you have a specific need to meet with the Pastor, you can contact the church at, (202)-827-2131 or email at nolimitsoutreach@gmail.com. This is a great opportunity to emphasize words we shared earlier – “get involved.” Pastor Carter is very active in the ministry teaching, worshiping and participating in activities. As such, if you’re here, you’ll see him and have the opportunity to interact with him.

Again, welcome to No Limits Outreach Ministries, and always remember, there is "No Limit" to what God can do!

Pastor Oliver Carter

1st Lady Pamelia Carter

Again, welcome to No Limits Outreach Ministries, and always remember, there is "No Limit" to what God can do!